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Shameless Plug - The Go Project

This is my first blog.... ever.  I've been playing music since I was 8 years old.  I started playing drums and drove my parents and neighbors crazy in the 80's, but it led me to where I'm at now... a 47 year-old struggling Rock & Roll Meat Puppet still chasing the dream (not be mention a father of 4 incredible, smart, talented and beautiful daughters Josie, Natalie, Elizabeth and Stella). 

The Go Project (TGP) was established in 2003 with me meeting James Kerridge at a restaurant where he was playing - I knew instantly that his talent and style would gel with my music writing, so I introduced myself; gave him my business card; then we had our first "jam-session", and as some say --- the rest is history.  One of the first songs we recorded in my studio was C9 in 2003.  C9 is still the original version we recorded and used on the new Greatest Hits Album just released this month.  In 2012, James relocated to Taiwan to be with the love of his life Lilly, so The Go Project made some changes and now features my fellow Rock & Roll Meat Puppet brother, Eric Roberts.  I plays Keyboards, Bass, Drums and backup vocals, and my bro, Eric, plays Guitar, Keyboards & lead vocals.  TGP music has been featured in feature films, jingles and radio commercials and we still play live throughout the community (check out calendar for upcoming shows).  

This Album took many years of blood, sweat, patience, luck, IPA's and blisters, but it's finally done and released and we hope our fans, family, friends, co-workers, strangers, small farm animals, and "soon-to-be fans" enjoy this Greatest Hits Album as much as we do.  Some people have called the Album, "A soundtrack of life".  Thanks for your time and support. 


Christopher Roberts / THE GO PROJECT